19a/w styling.




uru/cotton flannel shirt/size1

o-/writers hoodie/sizeL

unused/switching pant/size2

unused/string knit cap

universal products/cordura small waist bag



yoko sakamoto/over coach jacket/sizeM

uru/sweat vest/size2

uru / crew neck sweat/size2

unused/nylon pant/size3

unused/7g knit cap



uru/cotton corduroy blouson/size2

uru/v neck knit/sizeF

mfpen/shirt in a relaxed fit with 5buttons/sizeS

uru/cotton rayon 1tuck pant/size3 

unused/7g knit cap



homeless tailor/short trench blouson/sizeM

homeless tailor/gauze mille-ffuile shirt/sizeF

crepuscule/tutle neck/size2




unused/multi check nel shirt/size2

unused/3g crew neck knit/size2

o-/cordura bdu trousers/sizeL

unused/string knit cap



uru/wool fleece hooded blouson/size2

yoko sakamoto/washi wool raglan knit/sizeL


unused/7g knit cap



homeless tailor/design collar coat/sizeL

uru/zip up knit/size2

uru/knit polo shirt/size2

uru/wool 1tuck slacks/size2



yoko sakamoto/down over anorak/sizeM

uru/cotton pile l/s tee/size2

unused/long sleeve t-shirt/size2

mfpen/baggy trousers with double pleats in a straight fit/sizeS

crepuscule/knit cap



unused/coach jacket/size3

crepuscule/wholegarment knit vest/size2

crepuscule/turtle neck/size2

yoko sakamoto/work tapered trousers/sizeM




uru/knit vest/sizeF

uru/half zip shirt/size1

uru/denim easy pant/size2



o-/softshell over coat/sizeL

uru/wool v neck shirt/sizeF

midorikawa/stripe shirt/sizeF

midorikawa/stripe slacks/sizeS

unused/7g knit cap